Seating For Ram Promaster, Ford Transit & Sprinter Vans

Ram Promaster Seating

Ram Promaster Wheelchair Accessible Van 

The engineers at Team Ram have something to be very proud about.  Ram has built the only front wheel drive in it's class making it very maneuverable in city use and tight situations.  Offering a V6 gas or 3.0L Ecodiesel option makes the Ram Promaster an easy choice.  AbiliTrax has taken the all new Ram Promaster and turned it into one of the most versatile vehicle available for accessible transportation featuring AbiliTrax common platform for modular seating and wheelchair transportation.

Ram Promaster Flooring AbiliTrax 

The AbiliTrax system consists of a series of parallel, floor mounted tracks which are securely bolted through the floor of the vehicle.  The tracks consist of a repeating pattern of cut outs that are designed to accept both “A” and “L” style tie downs (most commonly used for wheelchair and cargo securement) as well as our specially designed seat bases. The tie downs and seat bases may be positioned anywhere along the track system (front to back and side to side) for passenger transport, seat storage, or complete removal if so desired. 

Ram PromasterWheelchair Van

Ram has brought the all new Promaster to dealers near you with dimension from there factory already set to meet the ADA requirements.  This means no more fiberglass raised roofs and door headers to achieve the 56'' minimum opening at the side or rear of the vehicle when ordering the medium roof height. Have your choice of a Braun or Ricon commercial wheelchair lift paired with the AbiliTrax and are on your way to a versatile, reliable Ram Promaster handicap van

Ram Promaster Accessible Transportation

Is you company in the market for a Ram Promaster wheelchair accessible van? If so, AbiliTrax has the solution to give your company the ultimate Ram Promaster Accessible Transportation solution.  With the option of having it installed at a dealer or if you have basic mechanical aptitude and common power tools you can do it your self making it an even better fit for any company in search of the Ram Promaster Accessible Transportation solution.